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Doods u ROCK!!! The facelift is in its early stages. Basically, this is the only page that i have done so far, so all the links lead to the existing pages of redline before i decided it needed a new face.

You may be wondering why i did this. There's a few reasons peeps. First off, I was so bored of seeing the old site colour and look I could have floored some unfortunate lamer everytime i looked at it. Secondly it was full of fiddly little images that took eons to load. Thirdly it was optimized for all resos. If u went to a higher reso than 800 * 600 the site lost its shape (and that aint pretty). and Lastly, and this is important i feel in the current theme of things where we are moving to more open source software, it was a shyt to load on linux browsers, in fact, it never completed loaded on them, so i made a simpler, cleaner site, to allow for that... enjoy peeps i hope u find what u came looking for :)

If your one of those lamers who really doesn't like R E D L I N E ~ MARK 2 ~ get a dog up ya sideways MoFo! Cos no one gives a damn what u think :)