The Stuff Page... A conglomeration of all the crap that wasn't appropriate for the other pages. This Page was last of all to be started so it's also the least completed. It's going to contain: C programming lessons, Book Reviews, The Paz Files, Survey's and a Dear Danny section where u can ask me any type of question and i will try to provide answer of some description hehe. For now enjoy whats on the page, lots more coming soon!!!

I tend to read a lot of fictional books because they provide a greater level of escapism than those that deal with reality. Hence the books i will be reviewing will be works of fiction. I don't read crap either, only decent stuff so u can be rest assured that I'll only rate books that are worthy of reading. Ok onto the books.

BOOK ONE: The Mirror Of Her Dreams (1st volume of Mordant's need)
AUTHOR: Stephen Donaldson

Pure Escapism... The story follows the journey of a young woman, Terisa, who is transported from her mundane life in New York to another world, Mordant, where mirrors contain magic and those who control them (imagers) have all the power... Terisa has been transported to the world through one of the mirrors in her room, by an apprentice imager Geraden who's task it was to find a champion to save Mordant from the destructive power of the Evil arch imager Vagel. If that type of story interests you i suggest you grab this book, because Stephen Donaldson is a brilliant writer, and his ability to make his characters real, and complex, is a great talent. The book contains some pretty involved language too, so i recommend reading with a dictionary. Here's an excerpt:

Master Eremis detached himself from Terisa and accosted the Castellan. 'Can it be true, Lebbick?' He towered over the shorter man; his intent curiosity couldn't conceal an air of superiority. 'Is the Perdon here? This is strange news. What crisis could possibly inspire that bulwark of Mordant to abandon his domain to the Cadwals?'
'Master Eremis,' Castellan Lebbick replied trenchantly, 'that is the King's business.'
Attacking the stairs, he climbed out of sight.
The Master glared after him. 'Unconscionable lout,' he muttered to no one in particular. 'I require an explanation.'