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The Stuff Page... A conglomeration of all the crap that wasn't appropriate for the other pages. This Page was last of all to be started so it's also the least completed. It's going to contain: C programming lessons, Book Reviews, The Paz Files, Survey's and a Dear Danny section where u can ask me any type of question and i will try to provide answer of some description hehe. For now enjoy whats on the page, lots more coming soon!!!

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Internet Security

Internet Security is an important thing to have these days to safeguard against Hackers and viruses. Firewalls offer great protection by allowing you to control internet traffic flow through your computer, and block unwanted users from accessing your computer via the internet. I can recommend 2 such firewalls. ZoneAlarm by Zonelabs and Conseal PC by Signal9 Solutions. Both offer comprehensive security for your computer and are free to download. So simply click the links below and protect your valuable computer data today.

ZoneAlarm Firewall

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Dear Danny

Ok Kids, here's the section where you get to write in and ask me a question about ANYTHING and i will do my darndest to produce a response that is both informed and entertaining... All you have to do is this:

Email me:, with Dear Danny in the subject line, and your question and name (if you don't include your name i will assume you want to remain anonymous)... Bring them questions on!!!!

I tend to read a lot of fictional books because they provide a greater level of escapism than those that deal with reality. Hence the books i will be reviewing will be works of fiction. I don't read crap either, only decent stuff so u can be rest assured that I'll only rate books that are worthy of reading. Ok onto the books.

BOOK ONE: American Psycho
AUTHOR: Bret Easton Ellis

This is one sick, twisted and perverted book... Which is probably why i can't put the damn thing down. Patrick Bergman is a rich Wall street businessman, who has an obsession with clothes, grooming, Patty Winters show, restaurants, women, and killing people... in short he's a psycho! I'm only a little way through the book but I am finding it difficult to stop reading, It starts normal then begins to get strange and interesting... Compelling reading, i highly reccomend this one. Here's a typically nasty observation concerning women:

"Well, Lets just say hypothetically, okay? What if they have a good personality?" I ask, knowing full well what a hopeless, asinine question it is.
"Fine. Hypothetically even better but -" Hamlin says.
"I know, I know." I smile.
"There are no girls with good personalitites," we all say in unison, laughing, giving each other high-five.
"A good personality," Reeves begins, "consists of a chick who has a little hardbody and who will satisfy all sexual demands without being too slutty about things and who will essentially keep her dumb fucking mouth shut."

BOOK TWO: The Mirror Of Her Dreams (1st volume of Mordant's need)
AUTHOR: Stephen Donaldson

Pure Escapism... The story follows the journey of a young woman, Terisa, who is transported from her mundane life in New York to another world, Mordant, where mirrors contain magic and those who control them (imagers) have all the power... Terisa has been transported to the world through one of the mirrors in her room, by an apprentice imager Geraden who's task it was to find a champion to save Mordant from the destructive power of the Evil arch imager Vagel. If that type of story interests you i suggest you grab this book, because Stephen Donaldson is a brilliant writer, and his ability to make his characters real, and complex, is a great talent. The book contains some pretty involved language too, so i recommend reading with a dictionary. Here's an excerpt:

Master Eremis detached himself from Terisa and accosted the Castellan. 'Can it be true, Lebbick?' He towered over the shorter man; his intent curiosity couldn't conceal an air of superiority. 'Is the Perdon here? This is strange news. What crisis could possibly inspire that bulwark of Mordant to abandon his domain to the Cadwals?'
'Master Eremis,' Castellan Lebbick replied trenchantly, 'that is the King's business.'
Attacking the stairs, he climbed out of sight.
The Master glared after him. 'Unconscionable lout,' he muttered to no one in particular. 'I require an explanation.'

C Programming

OK What u need to do first is obtain a C source code compiler that converts your programs to object (or machine) code. I'll be basing the lessons on the Turbo C++ Compiler Version 4.52 by Borland, so i recommend that one. Earlier versions might not support all of the commands we will got through so be wary of that. Programming in C will simplify scripting in mirc too :)

LESSON ONE: (A Simple Program)
#include <stdio.h>
/* A Simple program */

void main ( )


	int age;
	age = 25;
	printf("My age is %d\n", age);

Enter the above program into the compiler, exactly as it's written, then click the run button. The program should compile and print My age is 25. Ok, now lets look at the program line by line to see what each bit does.

The First line #include <stdio.h> is telling the compiler to make the standard input/output library functions available (in the stdio header file, hence the name and the .h, for header, file extension).

The Second line /* A Simple program */ is a comment, anything placed in between /* and */ is ignored by the compiler... Use comments to describe different sections of your program so that you (and other programmers) know exactly what they do.

The next line void main ( ) is a function. All C programs must include the main ( ) function. It is used to control the execution of the program. Void means that the function does not return a value.

The opening curly brace { indicates the beginning of the function main ( ).

The first line of code inside the function int age; declares the variable age as an integer (hence int). The other variable types are character char, long integer long, floating point float and double floating point double. I will discuss these in further detail in later lessons.

The next line age = 37; assigns the value 37 to the variable age. It is known as an assignment statement. The ; is very important and is used to terminate the statement. If u forget to add the semicolon you will receive an error message from the compiler.

The final line inside the function printf ( ) is known as a function call. The function printf ( ) is a standard output function that we have access to thanks to the #include statement at the start of the program. printf ( ) prints (or outputs) the value inside it's brackets (i.e. its arguments) to the screen. Anything within the double quotes is output as text, and anything outside the double quotes is assumed to be a variable. If the variable hasn't been declared (as an integer, float, char etc) then you will recieve an error message

The %d is a format code that means that the integer variable, age, in the functions argument is to be output in decimal format.

The /n is a special code that tells the function to issue a carriage-return-linefeed sequence (same as the Enter key on the keyboard). It sends any text following it to the next line on the screen... try placing text in the above program after the /n and you'll see what I mean.

Finally the main ( ) function is terminated by the closing curly brace } . That concludes the first lesson in C programming. I suggest you have a go at trying different combinations of variables and different text inside the printf double quotes, so u get a feel for the language.

Lesson 2, and a whole lot more Coming Soon!!!!!!!!