I could only be considered an amateur poet at best, and most of the stuff i write is pretty dark and depressing. I don't really write that often either so don't expect this page to change too much. Click on the links to view individual poems, or just scroll to view them all.

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1. Retribution 1. (Untitled)
2. Love
3. Dark Clouds Gather
4. Silt On Slate

Pluming smoke and billowing fog
Lend themselves to morbid decay
Rotting, retching, undreamt pain
Crimson stains won't wash away

Turbulent words of protest and dismay
Thrashing Limbs, exploding stars
A glint of steel dripping with moonlight
Repentance now won't heal the pain

Flashing lights reveal ashen faces
Rumbles of thunder emanate from the dark
Cries of anguish, tears of regret
Carrion birds circle their prey

Metal scars and molten tattoos
Nameless, festering troubled youth
Rapid thoughtless deeds of attrition
Unleashes fury, unhinges fear

Tormented minds, vengeful hearts
A Jackal's justice was never fair
Rending flesh, yielding sinew and bone
Shallow graves are easily made

Retribution, both fickle and final
Friends of stone, built with clay
Cracked and warped by unfounded whispers
Crimson stains won't wash away.

Webs of falsehood, weaved by mistrust
Smart fades and withers when eyes are starved
Sincere proposals fly away like sweet arrows
Yet come back barbed to impale the heart

Crucified by words of wood
Each defiant refusal hammers home like a nail
Truth when told cleaves deceit with precision
Freeing one's soul from it's bed of unrest

An invisible blade that plunges deep
Is hidden from healing yet forms no scar
Severing dreams like sand through a sieve
Heed minds advice when alone in the dark

Hearts desire blackened by want
Burnt by need, and betrayed by love
Charcoal cinders collapse into ash
From whence they came... Nothingness

Monsoonal fears form turbulent tides
Lashing waves eroding one's pride
Then blue shines through for a moment's glory
Fading to black in an empty flash

Simmering blisters are new found friends
Tight balls of fury can settle bad debts
Kisses of mortar, help rebuild broken walls
Brick by brick until fully restored.

Colours churning red and black
Mood macabre spurned twisted wreck
Tormented souls tremor, chained in singeing flesh
Writhing with reek and stench of death

Eyes ablaze with baleful glares
Minds are melding, shrouded in mist
Dark clouds gather smothering desires air
Spiraling down dark depths of despair

Purple, pulping ruptured heart
Unloved, unwanted, torn apart
Split asunder by malevolent deeds
Alone and lost in worlds of fear

Ruinous refusal lays dreams to waste
A wallowing void of empty space
Replaced with lust and guilt and greed
The devils maw is fed with glee

Glutton's gorge on soul's unrest
Devouring dreams upon demon's behest
Faces form both strange and yielding
Yet fear prevails placating life's loss

Courage conquers ire's woeful bane
Despise one's position, held with disdain
Insidious minds shall rue this dark day
We return to the fold, reborn once again.

Silt on slate, red blazing rock
The scattered sands of time
Both sun drenched dunes and wind swept dreams
Two hands clasp, two souls combine

Jilted feelings, jaded friends
Flailing insights miss their mark
Words of vitriol tumble like waves of salt and spray
A torrent of tears, an ocean of misery

A sickening crack and a wall collapses
Discreetly demolished by years of contempt
The signs were lurking beneath the surface
Yet none were looking , so none did find

Life's armour once shining so proudly
Rusts then crumbles and returns to the dust
Trampled beneath the boots of the living
Now forgotten in death it becomes merely dirt

Familiar silence forms unending sadness
A broken wall can't repel a flood
Bursting banks once held by resolve
Sweep away hope and drown all desire

Shimmering ripples in the glistening moonlight
Cast convincing shadows upon the heart
Inept, deceiving and eventually unknowing
They enter our minds, and devour our spirit.

Have you ever felt all alone
Like a lost dog trying to find home
Wondering where you belong
Knowing the feeling goes on
Tossing and turning
Feeling your heart burning
Thats the feeling of being alone

Source Unknown

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