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kOkANe's site

IRCop, mIRC scripter, Website designer, Banner King, and Sesame Street Fan... You name it, this man does it! Go check out his orange flavoured Web cocktail experience

ZOMBIE^s site

The Unofficial Bigpond Website... A vast array of chatting Pictures and Party information. An excellent site i highly recommend it

sKiTzOfReNiK's site

Popular Bigpond host - Drop in and download his first script. Check out his diary of his daughters development ... baby pictures & all. Feel Free to look around.

Big O's Site

Avondale Bar Star, and all around nice guy... check out his PORN FREE website hehehehehe... love that music

Watchdog's Site

Highly regarded Bigpond Host. Excellent site for anything IRC related, including Watchdog Script. Dont' forget to check out the lamer's section too hehehe.

Lisa_'s Place

Kell_19's Site

Chris' Site

gGiant's Site

Monty's Site

Bad_Baby's Site

The_Enforcer_'s Site
This Link has been removed because it has come to light that the Schmirc script has a HUGE backdoor in it... Which basically means that the hacker (i.e. The_Enforcer_) who wrote it has access to your computer if you use it. I recommend you keep well away from chatting to him, receiving DCC's from him, or using his script. Don't come running to me for help when he destroys your hard drive!!!

Wicked Websites

Evil Henchmen Guide

So you've decided to be evil? This site is a step-by-step guide to joining the Forces of Darkness, and contains all the info you'll need to set yourself up as an evil master mind. Covers essential topics such as Evil plans, Henchmen, Lairs, and of course Fashion for villains, this site is a great place to kick off your new life as an evildoer.


The purpose of ShouldExist is to generate good ideas in the hope that some will put them into practice. The site primarily concentrates on computer-related ideas since it was originated by programming nerds. Free membership gives you the right to sift through the ideas that have been proposed and vote for the best, as well as proposing new ones.


"A home on the Internet for info and activities surrounding the memes of music, dance, art, altered states of conciousness, and experimental ways of expressing those memes over the wires". Contains four main areas: Music, Chemistry, Rave-Culture and Intersection. These areas deal with all facets of electronic music, educational resources on the effects of legal and illicit drugs, worldwide info on the rave scene and interactive content and virtual worlds... Sounds ace hehehe.

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