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Got sick of this page of the site, but I'm too godamn lazy to do a full makeover, it takes too long and It's not exactly the most exciting thing to be doing at 2-20am. Frankly, i think bed is looking more and more appealing by the second but i wanted to do this so I got it ready for next time hehehe. Nothing else on the site is updated, but i got an award so i can afford to do nothing now hehehe. Ok you're all aware by now that KoKaNe's new script [silver] has been released. I could ramble on about all the functions and shit but all you really need to know is that IT ROCKS!!!! If u need any further convincing check out these screen shots.

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Click the button to visit my tribute to the street known as . You'll find lots of stuff from the show on this page... enjoy.

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