[SHORT TERM GOALS] --- (Jan 2001)

  1. Register the Flash Doogy Designs business name to operate under.

  2. Have a Flash Doogy Designs Page containing the company details and services provided.

  3. Have Shintara and Redline Websites completed and displaying a Flash Doogy link.

  4. Touch base with MCG and obtain a starting date for web-design.

  5. Begin learning more advanced web techniques - including Flash5, CGI and form scripting.

  6. Obtain and Setup an accounting software package to track income and expenditure.

[MEDIUM TERM GOALS] --- (to June 2001)

  1. Complete MCG website and have all moneys paid ($3000).

  2. Have Flash Doogy Website page displaying Redline, Shintara and MCG website designs.

  3. Have Flash Doogy Designs up and running with $500 balance in bank.

  4. Have low cost advertising organised. (flyers, local newspaper ads, etc.)
  5. Be proficient at the advanced scripting techniques mentioned above.