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Some of you may be wondering why this is called Pils Site. Ok.. Explanation time. NO it is not a drug haven or a place to pick up cheap tablets for raving (though with the amount of privs i get with that subject matter you may beg to differ). Pils is my nickname on Telstra Bigpond chat. I used it the first day i was on there because all the other nicks i tried were already registered. So here i was with a Guest61654 type nickname trying to get someone to talk to me when the beer i was drinking spoke to me... The beer i hear you ask? Tooheys Pils (a refreshing Pilsener brewed from saaz hops). Ok so now you know, sorry although i studied chemical engineering for 4 years at Uni i won't be supplying you or your drugged fucked mates with a cheap high... i apologise :~

Telstra Bigpond

To chat on telstra CLICK HERE!This is a really cool Chat server... I've been chatting on there for about 10 months now, and have made some great friends who get me through those insomnia induced late nights. I really only spend time on two rooms these days though there are heaps to choose from. I hang out in #Fun.Peers.20s and #Fun.Poolside, so try them out and come have a chat :) If you want to chat using the telstra java client click on the telstra image on the left and it will take you directly to the chat page of the website, all you have to do then is pick a room and a nickname and start chatting. If you would like to go directly to the chat rooms i have mentioned previously just click on the names of those rooms and you will be taken straight there.

download ICQ hereICQdownload ICQ Surf here

Then there's the dreaded ICQ, commonly known as the flower on chat. Personally, I don't like it a great deal, because it doesn't work so well with a firewall in place, and is prone to monumental fuck ups and crashings. However, a neat little feature is HearMe for icq. It allows you to talk to a friend (or a room of friends for that matter). And when I say talk I mean TALK not TYPE... All you need is a microphone (I recommend a headset with ear phones and mic built in). The other great thing about Hearme is that the small amount of window space it takes up, allows you to chat on Telstra whilst you are talking in Hearme... Neat huh! I'll make a download available for HearMe and give directions for setting it up shortly...

Scripts available for download

Finally i get to have a bitch and moan. By now you've probably all heard about the script ripping off and so forth going on in chat. My thoughts on that topic are posted on the "getting it off your chest" section of Kokane's Site. Suffice it to say that the script i was (and will continue to write for my own purposes) will never be available for download due to the fact that i hate people stealing something that i have worked so hard to create. It dissapoints me greatly because as a Programmer (well almost one) there comes a time when we like to develop and display certain skills we have attained. Anyway, enuff said about that... Below are the scripts i have tried and can therefore recommend. However, only Kokane's 2 scripts, and Watchdog's script are designed for the bigpond server, you may find newer versions of their scripts on their sites, which are included in the links page. The other scripts have many functions that wont work on Bigpond. They are all NON-war mirc scripts. So if your the kind of idiot that jacks off to war scripts, go elsewhere to find your fix.