Bizkit VS Creed (Round 1)
by Samneric

What started out as a simple review of the up-and-coming band TapRoot has slowly transformed into a look at the explicit-laced tirades of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst--and believe me, this is much more interesting. For those who don't follow music news, Durst has a tendency to let his feelings about other bands and musicians flow openly to the public. About a week ago I received the preview copy of the debut album from TapRoot along with some promotional material about the band. According to their record label, Durst showed initial interest in signing the band to his own label. After the members of TapRoot hadn't heard from Durst for quite some time, they signed with Atlantic Records.

According to the members of TapRoot, an apparently enraged Durst left the following message on lead singer Steve Richards' answering machine:

"Steve, Fred Durst. Hey, man, you f***ed up. You don't ever bite the hand that feeds in this business, bro. And your f***ing manager so-called guy is a f***ing idiot--a loser mother f***er going nowhere. You have just chosen that path. I took you under my wing, brought you to my house, f***ing talked about your ass on radio, in press, and you embarrassed me and the Interscope family. Your association with Limp Bizkit does not exist. Your manager slings that name around, he's gonna be blackballed and probably be erased, and you will too. He's a f***ing idiot. You're gonna f***ing learn from this time right here. I hope you let your band know that you just f***ed yourself. You need to be associated with somebody in this business. You need something to get you out there, put you out there, and believe in. Now you got enemies, and you're f***ing yourself already. Tell your friend that. Don't f***ing show up at my show, cause, if you do, you're gonna get f***ed. Alright? You and your f***ing punk ass, man. You call your f***ing manager, David Manifestease--whatever ask him what he's done and doing. You're a f***ing dumb motherf***er. You're learning right now exactly how to ruin your career before it gets started. All of the luck, brother. F*** you."

Would you say he was pissed off? Maybe a little egotistical? What bothers me is that I've been a fan of Limp Bizkit since the early days of their first album and have appreciated their fueling of the new urban rock rap movement. I'd hate to see the public image of Durst destroy the band's credibility within the music industry and among the fans. Just last week, at a concert in New York, Limp Bizkit showed up nearly an hour late and refused to take the stage, apparently because they felt they should have received higher billing. When they finally performed, Durst opened with the following tirade against the band Creed: "I want to dedicate this next song to the lead singer of Creed....That guy is an egomaniac. He's a f***ing punk, and he's backstage right now acting like f***ing Michael Jackson. F*** that motherf***er, and f*** you too."

I think Durst needs a couple of weeks of vacation to take a deep breath and concentrate on their third album due out later this summer. I'd love to go into how Durst believes that Marilyn Manson has "alienated his fans," but there's only so much room to dedicate to this issue. Personally, I think the trivial arguments and ego-clashes usually associated within any entertainment industry take away from the product provided to the fans--whether it be a movie, a television show or an album. The people who buy the records, concert tickets and t-shirts shouldn't be subjected to the petty differences between creative artists. Fred, be the bigger man, forget the rants, make a better album and let record sales do the talking.

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Bizkit VS Creed (Round 2)
by Samneric


Right as this article was being published, Fred Durst released a statement to MTV News that said, "Creed should take a hint and spend more time signing autographs than writing about me." In response to the challenge for a boxing match Durst said, "The boxing match sounds like fun, but I'd rather not resort to violence, since I'm busy doing a free tour."

The war of words between Creed front man Scott Stapp and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst has just entered a whole new arena--the boxing ring. If you remember just a few weeks ago a war of words erupted between the two bands at New York radio station WXRK's Dysfunctional Family Picnic. Unable to work out the disagreements between the two of them, Stapp issued a new statement June 18 in which he said, "Fred [Durst]'s vulgar comments and violent threats are totally indicative of a mobster mentality that this industry has tried to rid itself of in recent years." You think that's going to make Fred apologize? Neither does Stapp, who now has a standing offer to stage a boxing match with Durst, with the proceeds going to charity. Yes, you heard correctly, Stapp is picking a fight with Fred Durst. I can hear it now.

"And in this corner, wearing the red Yankees ball cap, he does it all for the nookie, and now he's here to break stuff--Fred Durst! In the other corner, with the long hair the women find so attractive, he'll take you higher and then some, Eddie Vedder...I mean Scott Stapp!"

I'm actually laughing at this whole thing. It's almost as if society has reverted to a constant junior high level. Two guys don't like each other, so they're going to slug it out in front of the whole school. To cap it off, Eminem will stand up and yell "Food fight!" But it's all right if they fight--the money is going to charity. Thatís the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I don't give a damn where the money is going because I don't want to see two grown men make fools of themselves. Professional boxing is one thing--these men make their living off of their sport. Durst and Stapp have no business in the ring. In fact, now I hope they fight, so they can be embarrassed the rest of their lives about their junior high dispute. And if I were a betting man, I wouldn't put my money on either one of them. The way I see it, they both lose.