10/11/02 - #Peers.20s update

It's been a long time since the last update (nearly 8 months), and that's mainly due to 3 things:

(1) We don't have stats logs anymore. This was the main reason for daily (or weekly) updates
(2) I no longer have the large amounts of time required to maintain several websites.
(3) No one has stepped forward and offered to update the site.
Those who are new to #peers.20s or havent visited in a while, Please take a look at the HOSTS page. I have also updated the LINKS page as a few chatters have changed their links, or requested one to be added. Take care all. Keep on rocking
~ revolver

23/03/02 - 8000 visitors

Yay we finally made it to 8000 hits since this site has been opened. I snagged the 8000th hit when i was checking the stats after updating just on 2 weeks ago now, and thought it would make a pretty picture. Congrats peeps :) hehehe

13/03/02 - Food for thought Daily Telegraph

A woman was lured to a southwestern Sydney park, pushed to the ground and robbed by youths after she "chatted" with one of them on the internet, a court heard yesterday

Manola Barbieri, 22, "met" the 17-year-old youth in the chatroom "Italia" the night before she agreed to follow the youths from a shopping centre to the park on August 18 in 2000, Bidura Children's court heard.

She chatted with the youth - logged on as "Troublsm" - for some time giving her "ASL" (Age, Sex, Location) details as "22, F, Syd", Ms Barbieri's statement said.

He said his name was "Joe" and after chatting with her for 30 minutes he asked if she could send him a photograph.

"I told him yes and sent a photograph in a file through the internet," Ms Barbieri said in her statement

The pair agreed to meet at the Parramatta Westfield shopping centre the next day, but in five minutes of logging off the chatroom that night, Ms Barbieri received an SMS message on her mobile phone stating: "Goodnight sweetie, see you tomorrow I can't wait - Joe".

The next day she met "Joe" and three other males before agreeing to follow them to a greenacre reserve, according to Police.

Once there, four men arrived, one allegedly introducing himself under an alias and asking her to sit on a park bench before stealing her keys from her bumbag.

Another man allegedly took her mobile. Ms Barbieri suffered knee, shoulder and palm injuries plus bruising to her left leg, but also lost what she cherished most - the $27,000 car her parents bought for her 21st birthday

That night Ms Barbieri re-entered the chat room "Italia" under a different username - "OnRevenge" - and noticed "Troublsm" logged on.

She asked "Troublsm" for a conversation and gave different personal details: "18, Female, Bondi".

"I asked if he had ever met people off the internet... he then sent me a picture of his supposed girlfriend" Ms Barbieri's statement said.

"I opened the picture file and saw that it was my photo I had originally sent him" she said in her statement.

"Troublsm" told her his brother had just got a VS Commodore with a Kenwood system before typing in her car's number plate along with an obscene message.

"We robbed u the other day u mut! I love ur system! and were gunna do a number job on ur car!," police facts state.

He also wrote the victim's username from August 17, 2000 - "Miss Italia".

Ms Barbieri logged off after "Troublsm" wrote: "say good buy 2 the bad guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Three youths, now 18, face charges from aggravated robbery to assault occassioning actual bodily harm.

The matter was adjourned by Magistrate Eve Wynhausen to the SupremeCourt on April 9 due to a dispute over the identification of the youths.