Below is a list of your 20s HOSTS, also known as Aops. They are the friendly people with the @'s (in mIRC) or (in JAVA) next to their name. They keep the chat flowing and remove those chatters that break Telstra's terms and conditions. Please listen to them at all times, because they are there to make chat enjoyable :)

DRIPS False_Reality Leogirl RaCeY_CaR coupe

Cypher MiB sharkie_girl Supafrog Devilgal

Nookie-Monster Shiny lois CyKotica perkster

PomBot YuM Your_Role_Know_It vetti reef

pr1ncess juggs Ladyblue :P :P

If u think you have been unfairly treated by a host, or if you feel that a particular host is abusing their position, or if u would like to pass on some positive feedback regarding the hosts, then please do so by contacting one of the rooms Sops. We are Neffi, and revolver, and u can reach us via memos, talking to us in private or emailing us at